Saturday, August 11, 2012

Give us clean hands

See these cute little folks....

They live at Wild Heaven Farm where my favorite goat milk soaps are produced. Guess what? Mary Kroll has announced a soap sale! Through Sunday evening (so only 24 hours to go....) all the 4 oz soap bars are $4. That's an awesome deal - especially on her mixed bags. Think of all the folks you need a Christmas gift for and shop early. Your wallet will thank you in December!

**If you might be shopping for me (attention Nana), I like the Peaceful Patchouli,the Honey and Oatmeal, and the Mountain Retreat.**

This morning, Mr. Neoclassic and I crept out of the house before the children awoke and visited the Williamsburg Farmer's Market. We enjoyed the chance to chat during the ride up to Williamsburg, the fresh veggies, and the Goat Soap stall. I came home with my (first) purchase from the sale. I will need to make another order later for a few Christmas gifts. Anybody have a specific scent request????

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