Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have a thankful heart

I am so, so very thankful to post today - from our newly redeemed and cleaned zino. IT Mom has outdone herself by sticking with what seemed to be a hopeless case. But then, she's been my friend for 15 years, so she's got some experience at sticking to hopeless cases :)

It's amazing how many blog post ideas your brain generates when you are unable to adequately produce those posts. I have jotted ideas and notes onto a little index card (you know that's how I organize my thoughts) and will be chugging through them during the next weeks.

I read today's Gospel reading and laughed out loud. It's Matthew's accounting of Christ naming Peter as the rock of the Church. The last line is...

Get behind me Satan! You are an obstacle to me.

While my past week of floor, computer, toad, and baking woes aren't equal at all to Christ's issues, obstacles are still obstacles.  Good friends, funny kids, and lots of laughter (and maybe a little red wine) have managed to put all those obstacles behind me.

Oh, and the discovery that Fire Bellied Toads like crickets.  Crickets are sold at the local bait shop, which is conveniently located along our usual route home.  This wonderful discovery negates the need to refrigerate the toads' food source in my home!


Shawn, the Fire Bellied Toad

PS - Today's blog post title is from Petra's Thankful Heart.
PPS - I am aware that IT MOM's link brings you to my home church's website.  It's just a polite and non-intrusive way to share our faith.  It's the website she developed and maintains for our parish.  If you have questions, please ask.  I'd love to answer them (or find someone who can!)


I thank you for visiting with me and for sharing your thoughts. I hope your day is fabulous and that you make some time for music - no matter what kind!