Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping busy while I wait


Jazz is attending Girl Scout day camp this week and Irish Jig is finding herself a little lost. We've been finding activities for her that usually get pushed to the back burner because the bigger kids make her decisions.  Sad, I know, but she's having fun with her new found toys. Water play ranks high, especially when combined with her good church shoes. Oops. Shaving cream finger paint has the added benefit of making her smell fresh and minty clean all day.

Today's post title = The Beach Boys Busy Doing Nothin'.  Which seems so appropriate for many of my days lately.  I'm very busy but have so little to show for it - or so it feels.

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  1. Oh, how I understand that last sentence... "I'm very busy but have so little to show for it - or so it feels."


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