Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good times, sunshine and summertime

"Mama, can I have a lemonade stand this summer? Please?"

I've heard this simple question countless times during the past weeks. And, yes, I did correct the grammar (that's "may I") each time. Jazz read about a lemonade stand in a book and has been adamant that she needs to run a stand of her own. I haven't been opposed to the stand idea since I remember running a stand of my own with friends many, many years ago. I think we made a nickel, at most, because it was a hot, sticky summer day in New Orleans and we drank our product, leaving none for unsuspecting customers.

We just needed to find a day to put her dreams into action. With the temperatures down just a bit and Classic Rock still out of town, the younger set was primed for a project of their own. Following yesterday's intense dinner conversation with MBA Dad Mr. Neoclassic, Jazz and Zydeco were swimming in business terms like capital, revenue, cost of goods sold, and profit. They seemed focused solely on profit. Smart kids.

Welcome to Sweet Smiles Lemonade!  May we serve you?

Such a sweet smile!  I'm pretty sure the lure of cash sparked this one's project dedication.

The brains behind the business!

Actually sitting next to one another!

They cleared about $5 this afternoon and met a whole slew of new neighbors and passers-by.  The highlight for me was witnessing them working together to make and set up the stand.  They discussed options for locations, signage, and seating.  They, like many siblings during long summer days, have spent pockets of time loathing the air the other one breathes.  There have been days I've threatened to move them into a bedroom together so that they can learn to live in peace and harmony (just like Coke!).  And, like a good Catholic mom, I made them sit together on the bottom step, hold hands, and pray for sibling peace.  Oh, yes, I did!

But then there are times these two are inseparable.  They will play games together and laugh together for hours.  And, apparently, enter entrepreneurship together.

Biggest laugh of the day?  When Jazz sold a cup of lemonade ($0.50) to an adult, then watched that adult put the remaining quarter back into her pocket and say she didn't have enough for a second cup.  Jazz slyly pointed out that cups of water were only $0.25 and were even colder than the lemonade.  She'll be fine in the cold hard world of business, I have no doubt!

Today's blog post title from Faith Hill's Sunshine and Summertime.

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  1. We've never lived anywhere where there was enough traffic for a lemonade stand for the kids. I remember when I was little though my sister set up a stand selling paper airplanes on our street. That was funny to watch!


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