Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will you use the faith you've found to reshape the world around

With great stealth, I climbed the stairs and turned the corner into the "office" room just to see what Classic Rock was doing on the computer. Us sneaky parents do that sometimes you know :)  This is what I saw:

That's the Bible he received for his First Eucharist celebration

He was asked to present a talk on Discipleship during the Mission trip and he was so excited.  Well, he wasn't really "jumping up and down excited", but rather "someone wants to hear what I think" excited.  He asked for our opinions and our stories while he fleshed out his own stories in preparation for his talk.  He included verses from Matthew and John, as well as our family favorite St. Francis of Assisi.  I know it will be awesome - just like he is.  And I know he has a lot to say.

The Mission Trip 2012 Team left yesterday afternoon after stuffing every nook and cranny of the bus with bags, snacks, pillows, sleeping bags, and each other.  They will be on the Eastern Shore, serving at migrant camps and working with families.  They are looking forward to a wonderfully long weekend of service, fun, ministry, and learning.  They think they are teaching, but we all know they are learning.

Here are some scenes from last year's trip, courtesy of the OLMC Facebook files.  They served in the same area and helped with the potato harvest, ran a small Bible School program, and assisted a local Head Start program.

I received a quick text last night to let me know they'd arrived....
"We got here ok.  I'm the youngest one and the tallest one.  Ha."

Today's blog post title is from The Summons by John Bell.  One of my favorite sacred hymns and a great bed time lullaby.

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