Thursday, August 16, 2012

I wish lunch could last forever

Jazz, more than any other child I know, yearns for the start of the new school year. She gets very excited to see school supplies filling the aisles of Target and daydreams about her new teacher, new classmates, and new adventures. While I cherish my time with them during the summers, I know that they need their schedules, their routines, and their little grooves. It's what works best for all of us.

This year, she really needed a new lunchbox. Her former box was showing its age and was too small for a growing girl's needs. The style, though, was awesome and easy for her to manage. I'd used Ayumi's pattern and directions previously, so I decided to just enlarge the dimensions for a new lunchbox. My girlfriend was kind enough to machine embroider Jazz's name onto a patch which I stitched to the front of her bag. It's so cute and I'm almost sorry I won't show you that side....but I won't because it doesn't say "Jazz" :)

Jazz is thrilled. And she knows that Mama loves her very much because I even included a label for her bag. I'm running low on these little gems and not every project meets my "label standard". But for her, anything!

Oh, and the bench? It's the prototype of Classic Rock's Eagle Scout project. With the assistance of his fellow Scouts, he'll be producing about 15 of these for our YMCA gymnasium. More details to come...

Thanks to Jimmy Buffet for today's post title


  1. Love the lunch bag. I am forever looking for washable bag. I may have to use your pattern.

  2. I love this bag. Where is the pattern?


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