Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In an octopus' garden in the shade

Just thought I'd continue with The Beatles post titles since we listened to the 1 album on the way up there.

Following lunch, we headed to the Botanical Gardens at the request of both Jazz and Mr. Neoclassic. The outdoor gardens are beautifully arranged and include plant labels for every species. We snapped a few camera phone pictures of the labels for reference when planning new gardens at home.

The Conservatory is awesome! As we entered, a docent offered Jazz a children's field guide journal. Styled to resemble an old fashioned field book, this little journal held plant facts and a scavenger hunt for each planted zone area. While wandering through World Desserts, for example, she was to find and identify a certain cactus....

We might have been tacky enough to mention this little plant resembles certain grandfathers.

I enjoyed playing with my macro setting. I, admittedly, have no idea what I'm doing with it, but it was fun.

I think they'd look cool printed as greeting cards

Zydeco was excited to find the following for me and I know Cocoa would enjoy it, too!

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us stick around for harvest time

I thought the mix of greenery in the main jungle made for an interesting backdrop. I think we forget sometimes that we don't need blooms for beauty.

I'd love to return when the outside gardens are transitioning into fall. The colors would be spectacular. I also think a week's visit of just touring different museums and landmarks would be fabulous for us all. We'll have to make that happen when Irish Jig is older and ready to handle long days of walking.


  1. I remember visiting those as a teenager! It amazing the variety of plants in our world.

  2. I will gladly visit anywhere called "World Desserts", but I thought the desert area in the arboretum was nice too.


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