Friday, August 31, 2012

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

So many of you have been kind enough to ask about my family in New Orleans and how they might be faring through the Isaac aftermath. The good news is that my parents, sister, and wonderfully hilarious nephew are all just fine. As with all New Orleanians, they've learned to "weather the storms" with great humor and much optimism. They reside just outside of New Orleans proper, in a subdivision that usually doesn't flood. It has flooded, don't get me wrong, but usually not during hurricanes. A decade ago, my parents' home flooded during an intense and heavy spring rainstorm. During Hurricane Katrina, however, they had no water enter the house. The storm water engineer in me could explain exactly how and why that can happen, but I won't bore you with the trivial details.

During the height of the stalled storm, as constant rains were falling on their area, their homes lost power and they were unreachable by phone. The cell phones would text but not call. Maybe one day, AT&T will explain that to us? How can it text, but not ring??? Maybe it's magic, and I am not supposed to really understand.

My dad would text hilarious updates with movie quotes:
"I'm not dead."

My sister would text the bald truth:
"My shingles are all over the yard, the neighbor's yard and the street. Water is leaking down the stairwell wall."

Interestingly (and luckily) the only two square blocks in the area with power surround my parents' home!  In the midst of the huge power outages, they are blessed with AC and a running refrigerator.  My sister and nephew are staying with them and, if I know my mama, she's probably offering to feed everyone they know.  Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, proving that humor, support, and love can get you through all the storms of life.  And ice cream :)

Ironically, as my family was texting their updates, I was texting my own. A summer storm hovered over our own region for several days, dropping intense rains and flooding areas of our neighborhood that have never seen standing water. While our home is high and dry, thankfully, each nearby cross street was inundated and we were stranded for some time. Being cooped up isn't always a bad thing....I reorganized a few kitchen cabinets and Zydeco's closets and we spent great family time watching the Disney mini-series Little House on the Prairie. I highly recommend this version! Unlike most Disney movies, the children in the movie actually get to have both parents present :)

I managed to find a few photos of the flooding around us and thought I'd share them. They are from various friends' FB links and the Daily Press.

Photo: Lion's Bridge like it has never been seen before, thanks to today's storm.
The Lion Bridge crosses Lake Maury near the Mariner's Museum, and is an area landmark.  This roadway is about 6+ feet under water in this picture.

This underpass is near our home.  The dive team was sent to check the vehicles trapped in the 9+ feet of water.  No one was injured or trapped, thankfully.

The Virginia Living Museum suffered greatly from the flooding.  Many of the animals (racoons, beavers, and foxes) had to be rescued from their outdoor exhibits. 

I appreciate the emails, texts, and messages asking about my family, here and in New Orleans.  We are safe and healthy.  And very, very thankful.

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  1. Oh my goodness that last photo is hard to see! Glad to know everyone is safe and in good spirits.


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