Monday, September 17, 2012

My magnificent obsession

Irish Jig's hair is a dichotomy of adorable and maintenance. The curls, when in Shirley Temple mode, are quite fetching and garner many a compliment from the general public. The reality of getting her mop of unruly curls into that mode is borderline hurtful to all involved. There's saturating, moisturizing, gentle (I try!) combing, and little fuzzy knots that don't play along.

As a result, I tend to only force the hair maintenance routine for special occasions (i.e. NOT  for hanging out with Mama all day). She detests barrettes and pony elastics because they pull her hair. But a head band? She's all for the head band. To that end, my lastest obsession is making headbands.

Pattern taken from free posting on a site I can't find anymore

My first incarnation was a simple double crochet band with chain ties at each end, as shown above. While it works, the tying process causes more knots in the fine hair at the back of her head and I found that the tie didn't stay tight enough over the course of the day. I was contemplating various revisions when I used this headband on Jazz's hair last week:

Batik headband from Ten Thousand Villages

The proverbial light bulb illuminated in my mind and I got to work. A strip of patterned crochet with simple elastic bands attaching the ends = a fabulous head band that stays tight and fit all day. I can adjust the length of elastic to accommodate the stretch intrinsic to the type of yarn.

V-Stitch pattern from MyMerryMessyLife, Shell pattern my own creation

Making these becomes a little obsessive

Of course, a plain headband is somewhat boring. I found a little bling in the remains of the baby barrettes, the button box, and my yarn scraps stash.

Flower and leaves pattern from Attic24

Someone likes to flaunt all her bling at once.  She's also not all that concerned with color coordination, as evidenced by the pink/ red/ purple/ orange ensemble shown below.

Today's post title from Stephen Curtis Chapman's "Magnificent Obsession"


  1. Believe it or not my hair used to be the same when I was little. My curl went away with my first pregnancy {wahhhh!!} My little sister also had the same mop of hair. She would have my mom comb her doll's hair and then she would say "It's okay. I know it hurts like the dickens but it will be over soon." We would laugh so hard because we knew in her own way she was telling my mom she hated having her hair combed! Her prefferec hair-do was what she called "free as the wind" meaning leave it alone!

  2. Love the headbands! The colors on the first one are my fav. Love your posts and seeing the family.

  3. You did a great job on the headbands! Love them. Thanks for sharing with me and linking back to me!


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