Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

It's a crazy, busy week for us. We are fairly militant about keeping week night activities to a minimum, but some weeks are just packed. Two schools have hosted parent nights, Zydeco received his Star rank at a Court of Honor, and Jazz and I had a Girl Scout meeting. There were a few other activities that popped up, as well, but weeks like this one make us cherish slow quiet nights together. Humorously, when we do have busy weeks, I always know that on Friday afternoons, I'll find all four children in the backyard. It's as if they have sensors that go off when they haven't spent enough time together. Suddenly, they all migrate to the back yard and find something to do together.

That's a really long explanation for "I don't have my planned post ready, so I'm substituting this one."

I pack lunches daily during the school year. The children do not like the offerings at the school cafeterias, which is fine by me. When I can, I try to make Jazz's fun and exciting. She's at an age that lunch is still fun. The boys, on the other hand, just want to fill their gullets. I love checking Pinterest for fun lunch ideas, but most of them are a little too labor intensive for me. Then, I realized that my good friend Jannette was blogging her lunch ideas. Check out her cute bear, summer farewell, and hilarious manic man lunches. Using her ideas as a jumping off point, I created lunch for Jazz:

Fishy Fishy!

She's got a fishy shaped sandwich with mini sandwich bubbles, carrot scales and candy eye; goldfish; yogurt with ABC sprinkles and grapes.  Other favorite sides for her lunches are frozen mango chunks, cookie dough bites, and orange slices.  She knows not to expect it daily, but she sure is thankful when she opens her lunch box to a cool surprise!

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