Monday, October 22, 2012

Saints and Angels, Up in Heaven

image courtesy of Catholic World Report

On Sunday, Oct 21, Pope Benedict XVI announced the canonization of seven new Catholic Saints! The two shown in the picture above are Mother Marianne Cope (left) and Kateri Tekakwitha (right).  Kateri has the distinction of being the first Native North American saint.

The other men and woman celebrated during Mass at the Vatican yesterday include:
(I've provided links to informative sites rather than retell their stories in this space.)

As Catholics, we recognize the faith and devotion shown by these and all Saints.  We look to these role models as we develop our own sense of duty, service, love and faith.  Some of the stories of martyrdom are a bit gory, to say the least, but we focus on their unwavering decision to follow Christ.  Many non-Catholics assume we worship the Saints.  We do not, as we know that's a direct violation of that important Commandment to love God above all others.

We do, however, recognize that these men and woman have very special relationships with Christ and we "tap" into those relationships.  If, for instance, I am having a particularly frustrating day with one of my children, I will take a moment to speak directly to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  I know that she had frustrating times with her son (that whole "But I stayed in the temple to teach" episode) and that she can help me remember to have patience, step back and see the whole picture.  Likewise, a simple prayer to St. Francis, who embodies peace, can help turn off the mind-clutter of a hectic day.  

Our family will be reading the stories of these newest Saints during the coming days.  Their examples will make for great conversation as we look at our own lives.  What choices can we make in order to better exemplify Him?

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