Friday, October 26, 2012

Nothing is easy

It's Friday and the end of a really weird week here in the Domestic Church. We joyfully welcomed the complete renovation of the upstairs bathroom (shared by all the children), but then cursed the layers upon layers of renovation dust.

New tile floor and walls; new cabinet; there's still some painting to be done.

You see, the child with the bedroom closest to the bathroom mess is the one who suffered from asthma-like symptoms as an infant and toddler. We've seen no problems in the last several years and were, therefore, shocked to hear wheezing earlier this week. A few trips to the pediatrician for nebulizer treatments and all is finally better. Hearing your child struggle to breathe is heart wrenching and scary. Watching that same child take control of their medication routine in a mature fashion is also heart wrenching, but in a beautiful "I am so proud" way.

The remainder of the week's "to-do" list was put on hold as I washed walls, floors, bedding, crevices and furniture in all the rooms upstairs. Hence, a very cranky Irish Jig and I did an entire week's worth of errands and groceries this morning in a marathon excursion around town. There were a few melt downs - and not just on her part :)

My parents are in-route to visit us and celebrate Irish Jig's 3rd birthday next week. I just opened an email announcing their last flight's been cancelled. I have no idea if they will actually show up this evening. By tomorrow, many flights may be canceled as our area braces for Hurricane Sandy. At the current moment, she is slated to pass across us very early Monday morning. Humorously, my parents are flying in from the Gulf Coast - the mecca of hurricane landings. Why they felt the need to bring one with them, I don't know.

Just a few weeks ago, we arranged to have the dilapidated flat roof on the rear of our home replaced. It's a huge undertaking, but necessary as it leaks into the kitchen and garage each time it rains. Unfortunately, Sandy didn't get the memo that our new roof isn't on yet. I am bracing myself for the vision of water streaming into the kitchen. Again. Lovely.

In an effort to salvage the week, I am remembering the wonderful moments. Classic Rock called me into the computer area and asked me to purchase new sheet music for him - for Big Daddy Weave and Matt Maher. A welcome change from the last months of strictly 70's classic rock tunes. The boys and Mr. Neoclassic saw both artists in concert earlier this summer and were blown away by the performances, the music, and the stories.

Jazz asked if I'd help her make a pair of crazy socks for crazy sock day. We pulled out the felt, scissors and thread. She designed the motifs - a pumpkin and a witch - and cut the felt pieces. I stitched them quickly together and to the socks. Happiness for all in less than an hour.

Zydeco and Jazz decided we needed decorations for Nana and Papa's visit. I'd just seen this post on Dana's site and thought it would be perfect. We used Ecofelt and I really like the way it holds it's shape. These little guys will be around for several years to come.

So, we are finding joy in the midst of troubles. Isn't that what we're always called to do? On an up note, if the we lose power due to Sandy, we'll have marathon gaming session with the grandparents. And, we'll laugh and eat well because I stocked the larder.


  1. Your parents are just bringing the hurricane with them! At least they know what to do to last through it. :)

    Can you believe Irish Jig is three already?!

  2. John Jacob Jingleheimer SchmidtOctober 28, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    I am thoroughly enjoying playing my new sheet music, thank you for purchasing it.


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