Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When the wind comes right behind the rain

We've had steady but surprisingly light rain for three days with Sandy. She's being called Superstorm Sandy and the newscasters are practically gleeful with their oh-so-up-to-date-reports, which is sickening. Our garage is enjoying a shower, but the main portion of the house is not seeing any leaks, thankfully.

The heavy winds started late Monday afternoon and got progressively more intense throughout the night. The children had great trouble falling asleep with the whistling and whipping of the winds around the house.

We know that this storm is hitting New Jersey and New York much worse than it's hitting us. We watch the news and pray for safety for our friends living in NYC at the moment. Part of me can't wait to stand in line at the grocery in a few weeks reading the headlines of the gossip rags because I know they'll be full of news about the Jersey Shore crew and how they weathered the storm. Part of me is already rolling my ideas at the idea. (And, no, I've not actually seen the show.)

Meanwhile, our house is keeping busy with all sorts of activity. Mr. Neoclassic actually had to report to his office Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of us played. There was some work done on the Eagle Scout project, as Classic Rock prepped bench legs and made bench kits for an upcoming project workshop.

Working with Papa to align pieces and construct the legs

Zydeco threw his might and humor into helping Nana prepare dinner for Monday evening. She made pasta dough by hand and had Zydeco running it through the hand crank machine. Papa and Irish Jig mixed the cheese filling for cannelloni. After taking the pictures, I helped roll the cannelloni and then make the red gravy (sauce). At the children's request, I made two loaves of white/ wheat bread to have with dinner. The whole house smelled delectable.

And, yes, I did make her share her recipes with me!

A perfect family evening during the "perfect storm"

As Italian Catholics, we know that the answer to all of life's stress is a quick prayer to St. Jude and a huge, filling meal with family.

Be safe, where ever you are.


  1. We love homemade pasta! Our favorite to make is ravioli. My dad served his mission for our church to Italy so it was our family tradition to have homemade ravioli for Christmas dinner. Now my girls just make it whenever the craving hits - at least once a month! Looks like a lovely way to spend with family. I hope your home stays leak proof!

  2. I should add we have a hand crank machine too but after my parents visited a few years ago they gifted us with an attachment for our Kitchen Aid. They felt bad by how long it took to roll the dough for our whole family.

    1. My mother has the attachment for the K.A. and has decided that we need it, too. I have a feeling I know what will be under the tree for me this year! It's a family joke that Nana visits just before Christmas and cooks in our kitchen just to discover what she needs to put under the tree for us. We've made ravioli, as well, but the cannelloni is my new favorite. The construction is so much faster and the taste/ flavor/ etc is just the as good. I can spend more time eating and less time making....


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