Friday, November 2, 2012

One man has his mind made up, the other can't decide

This blog will never be a forum for political discussions. Those who know me well know that I am opinionated and vocal, but rarely able to tolerate a political debate/ talk/ discussion. Frankly, I know what I believe and want, and I have no interest in making you accept my view as gospel. My religion? Now, that I'll talk about happily. It has a point, after all.

This year's election, however, is interesting to me for many reasons. The main being that our oldest child is aware of key issues and able to discuss them with us. In the safety and comfort of our home - not on national television or commercials. We like hearing his opinions and talking through the political agenda to actually get the facts.

Virginia is a "swing state" this election. Will our state be BLUE or RED? I am not going to state my preference - it' none of your beeswax. I will state that the frenzy to garner last minute votes is making my head hurt - and my heart. The ads/ commercials we're seeing and hearing have taken nasty to a whole new level - for both sides. After watching several with my parents, I found out that Virginia is getting ads that other states aren't. We have whole armies of campaign specialists vying for our state's votes. Apparently, our residents are considered too stupid to have already made their decisions. Who knew one 60 second ad could change a whole mindset?

Then, just this morning, I heard that a new threat to Virginia is out there. Well, two threats. The first is Superstorm Sandy. The need for the candidates to visit destruction zones is zapping their valuable campaign time. Well, God forbid they show compassion. The second threat is the third Virginia candidate. Will he suction votes needed by either Repub's or Dem's to take the state? Will he take the whole state and throw off the balance of natural power? Will he bow out at the last minute?

For those of us living through it all, the situation is just funny. And a little depressing. I am somewhat ashamed to know that most of America thinks we can't make a decision and must be led around like dogs on leashes.

I, for one, am not a dog.  I will proudly vote and watch as my state goes my way - or not.  I might be happy in the end - or not.  But I'll know that I made my decision and I didn't depend on the media to make it for me.

I will now step down from my soapbox and resume regularly scheduled fluff posts.  Thank you.

Today's post title from Steve Winwood's Split Decision.

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  1. Oi! I hear you on this one Nevada is supposed to be a swing state too. Thank goodness we don't usually watch the local channels. The radio however is a different story. I can't wait for it all to be over.

    I forgot to mention that my sister and her family moved to Lynchburg this past summer. Her husband finally finished his residency in Atlanta and they decided to move to VA for a job!


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