Sunday, November 4, 2012

We all scream for ice cream

Truth?  I had no intention of throwing a party for Irish Jig's 3rd birthday.  With her grandparents in town, I was planning on a simple cake or cupcakes and a few family gifts after dinner.

had different plans.  As we walked through the local dollar store a few weeks ago, she saw the party supplies aisle and grabbed up balloon plates and hats.  When I suggested (gently) that Nana and Papa were her party, she informed me (not gently) that actually Carl and Samuel were her party.  Her sweet little friends that love to play her favorite ice cream game.  

She further informed me that she needed (not wanted, needed) them to come over and have her ice cream cake.  Really, she's 3 and putting in cake orders?  Usually, the cake ideas don't start until they are 4 or 5.  But, I do love a good cake design challenge and decided to go with the flow.  Both little boys were available for about an hour last weekend, so we planned a small party.

Ice cream cake - check!  I opted out of the hassle of an actual cake of ice cream and, instead, baked a sheet cake and a few ball shaped cakes.  A few minutes of carving with the serrated knife and - bingo! - an ice cream cone cake.  My children learned a long time ago that they get to put in a cake request idea, but the final version will be whatever Mama creates.  I like to think of it as an extension of my creativity and engineering skills.  They are always happy - and who isn't with mounds of buttercream?  This cake was especially fun to make because my parents and Mr. Neoclassic sat in the kitchen giving advice and telling stories (and snitching frosting) while I decorated.  I had enough cake leftover to make a smaller, single serving cone for candle blowing purposes.

After a few rounds of the Ice Cream Game and a rousing edition of Mr. Potato Head Creations, we headed to the table for candle blowing, cake and ice cream (with sprinkles, of course).


Simple - but fun.  Easy - but memorable.  Ice cream really does complete any celebration.

PS - I am sad to discover that the Ice Cream Game is apparently out of production.  Versions still available can cost up to $30.  Yikes!  We discovered the game many years ago and are thankful to have saved it for all the children.  It's a wonderful matching game that this age group really loves.  And, they get to yell ICE CREAM! all the time.

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