Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You can count me in

 Today, I am so very thankful to have my opinion HEARD!

As the children celebrated a "no school" day by sleeping in, Mr. Neoclassic and I snuck out to vote.  We held hands while walking into our polling station and discussing Virginia's chances for going in our chosen direction.  We witnessed a sweet white-haired husband unloading his aging wife and her walker, all the while promising her breakfast and coffee for braving the cold to vote.  Her response was something akin to, "well, duh!"

Tuesdays during November will be my Gratitude Days.  I'd like to share simple thanksgivings and blessings that our Domestic Church recognizes.  Today, we are most thankful for the chance to make a difference and to be heard.  Classic Rock pointed out that he'll be voting in the 2016 election.  Wow!

Today's post title....any of the 1000+ songs that showed up when I googled "count me in."

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  1. I'm voting to day too! I have a lot of littles who want to go and see the whole voting process. I think school today will consist of learning about the electoral college and how it all works.


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