Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am sailing stormy waters

Well, technically, I am not sailing. The HNoMS Statsraad Lehmkuhl, a Norwegian Tall Ship is doing the sailing. Read the story, then come back - I'll wait.

While home with the children yesterday, we saw a news blurb about this tall ship docking for a short time in Norfolk. When I heard that tours were being offered, I rounded up the mongrel hoard and headed over the bridge-tunnel (yes, it's both) and across Portsmouth to Norfolk's Waterside area.

Check out the Norwegian Flag!

My kids asked me what it means in English.  I love that they think I'm so worldly!  Ha.

It was very cloudy and windy, so pictures aren't the best.  We did have a good time, though.   The "tours" were really more of along the lines of a "run around our ship" free for all.  The children checked out the bridge house, peeked into the kitchen, and stared down portals into the living areas.  Then they found the bell located on the stern.  Each of the younger ones demanded a picture while ringing the bell.

Yes, she is dressed as a stolen car.  Don't ask why, just go with the flow.

Yes, I did crochet his skater beanie cap. He loves it.

Classic Rock managed to conjure several questions for the crew members milling about.  I think he wanted to see if they really could speak English.  They could, and very well.  Not wanting to be left out, Jazz asked one crew member why there was a brass piggy bank on the mess hall table (it was huge).  I jokingly said it was to collect stray change during the voyage and buy the beers while in port. The crewman laughed out loud and told me I was correct. 

It was a magnificent ship and I am glad I braved the four bridges, two tunnels, wind, and whiny 3 year old stolen car outfit to witness it.  And the stormy waters part of the post title?  The ship is supposed to leave today and sail into the current East coast storm.  We wished them well and tried to add a few coins to the piggy bank....

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