Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I (got) to be a part of it! New York, New York!

It was an unorthodox trip in that there was no real plan for any of the days I was visiting.  I really think that's why it was such a fantastic trip.  We hit the streets of Manhattan with great humor, a camera, and subway passes.

My friends surprised me (and their young girls) with tickets to the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular.  WOW!

Grand Central Station.  The original tracks have been preserved within the floors.

My mama and sister were adamant that I visit a museum.  We toured the Frick and were more impressed by the architecture of the house/ museum than the pieces on display.  My sister would say I'm "so pedestrian."

My one absolute "must" for the trip was Purl Soho.  It's a whole lot smaller than I expected.  But oh, so wonderfully full of temptations.  I bought several :)  Finding our way to the store was almost as much fun as touching every product inside.

We lunched in Little Italy and found a homemade pasta company.  I just stood inside and inhaled for about 10 minutes.  I won't mention how many pounds of pasta I lugged back onto the subway, then onto the train home.  A lot.

Our friends have been assigned to work in Manhattan for about three years.  They decided to immerse themselves and their girls in the culture by living in the city and experiencing all that NYC offers.  And, best of all, they furnished their apartment with futons instead of couches so that friends could stay and play.  Being able to explore the city was fabulous.  I walked the equivalent of two marathons in the three days I was there (or so it seemed).   I can't wait to share more stories and pictures.

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