Thursday, January 17, 2013

Outside the snow is falling

Well, it's not falling just yet. The weather folks are forecasting that winter storm Iago will drop 2 to 5 inches of snow for our area, starting late this evening. My guess? By morning commute time, our sweet little town will look like this:

Since our winters don't usually (ha! ever!) look like this or this, any snow that falls results in massive panic attacks and traffic hiccups. That said, I've made the emergency run for milk, eggs, butter, coffee and chocolate. I'm ready to hunker down with a fire, Netflix, my lovely children and good books.  Oh, and King Cake, because I'm like the Post Office and neither rain nor snow will keep this baker from her appointed sugar high.

One last storm prep was to find time for a hair cut. I'm about seven inches shorter and about four pounds lighter :)

It's all about priorities, my friends!

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