Monday, February 11, 2013

Another lazy mornin'

With our church celebrating Scout Sunday this week at the evening Mass, I enjoyed a rare and lazy Sunday morning lounging in bed with my girls.  Jazz was immersed in her book as I read aloud to Irish Jig and sewed patches to the boys' Scout shirts.

Somehow, the procrastinator in me always waits to update their patches until the day they need their dress uniforms for a formal occasion.  I keep telling myself I should sit them down and teach them to hand stitch the little circular merit badges, then I find myself doing it because I can't stop the teach them with only a few hours to finish.  I really need to make this part of our summer school curriculum!

This session took a bit longer because I recently realized that both boys had outgrown their shirts.  I purchased a new one for Classic Rock and transferred his rank and patrol patches to it.  Then I moved Zydeco's patches to Classic Rock's original shirt.  The girls were content to chat, read and daydream while I pricked my fingers repeatedly.  I've never found a comfortable thimble :)

I did want to share a close up of these cool thread holders.  My dad made them for me based on the design of a similar model my mother uses.  There's a small dowel that runs through the spools, keeping them in place while allowing them to spin.  See that white piece on the side of the green thread holder?  It swings to the side and opens the hole for the dowel to move.  The magnet on the base keeps needles and small scissors nearby and tidy.  I keep meaning to add a small hook to one end for hanging a thimble - you know, if I ever find one I like!

I asked the boys to pose for Class A uniform pictures after we returned from Mass.  I realized that I didn't have any recent pictures of them in their Scout uniforms!  Classic Rock is currently at the Life Scout rank until his Eagle rank paperwork is completed.  Zydeco is currently a Star rank.  Jazz also attended in her Brownie uniform, but was running a low-grade fever by the time Mass ended.  She went straight to bed and skipped the portrait session.  She's home today playing with her sister and enjoying a "sick day".

Post title = Gordon Lightfoot's Lazy Mornin'

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  1. Oh boy do I remember my mother sewing patches on my brothers' uniforms! We still have two years before Special Dark starts Cub Scouts. He keeps asking when he'll be old enough.


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