Tuesday, February 12, 2013

40 days to grow stronger

I've posted enough King Cake pictures that I've decided to let Mardi Gras go by without much fanfare. Given that New Orleans has received something like 6+ inches of rain these last two days, I'm guessing there wasn't much fanfare there, either.

As this Domestic Church looks toward Lent, we also look back. Last year, we tried a new Lenten tradition for encouraging service and sacrifice. We enjoyed it so much, we decided to do it again this year. Alas! I couldn't find my file of the 40 days activities I mention in that post. So, I created our own to use this year. I invite you and your family to play along.

You can download the entire list here.
(Then you can congratulate me for figuring out dropbox)

I am also going to print this awesome Lenten Journey Calendar for each of the girls.  The boys are too old for this visual, so they will keep track a different way.  My plan is to print a 40 days guide for each boy and post it on the fridge.  The girls will use the same list, but I will help them choose an activity for each day of their Journey calendar.  I will have to modify Irish Jig's a bit since she doesn't go to school and can't wash a car :)

Post title from 40 Days by Matt Maher; Also check out the great Lenten Playlist that Spirit and Song has put together.

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