Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's time for a good time

It's been a tough two weeks of sickness here in the manor. We aren't quite past it all - Irish Jig's lethargic today - but we're so close. I am ready for good time: a time away from the constant cleaning and disinfecting that seems to take over as soon as the first person sneezes. My time away from the crazy sicknesses is coming in one short week!

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival is next weekend, February 21-24, practically in my backyard. (Link is to the 2012 Festival winners)  While it's certainly not on scale with the Houston Quilt Festival, it's a great collection of dealers from the Eastern portion of the Country.  I look forward to touching fabrics and dreaming projects with a variety of goods just not found at JoAnn's or Hancock, which are what we have locally for shopping.

Here are pictures and stories from last year's visit.

Who's with me???!!!!
(I'm willing to bump Zydeco from his room and create a guest space just for you.
With enough notice, we'll even move the Fire Bellied Toads out of the room.)

If you can't make it, send me your shopping list.  My budget is tight this year, so I'd be more than happy to spend your money for you :)  My list includes a few Christmas fabrics for a project I have planned, new needles in a variety of sizes, embroidery machine thread cones (for my friend's machine that I beg to use), and buttons from the antique button lady.

What's on your sewing wish list??

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  1. You know I'm in! I really need to go this year! We'll make plans!


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