Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long have I waited for your coming home to me

This Lenten Season, I am joyfully acting as sponsor to a lovely, vibrant young woman who is entering into the Catholic Church. Kayla is the same age and grade as our Classic Rock and is the adopted daughter of a long time friend. Their family story is theirs to share, but I will say that she and her younger sister came to live with my friend Tim and his wife a few years ago. This coming Easter celebration will see a dream of his - to have his girls join the Church - come to fruition.

As I talk with Kayla, I realize what a mature decision she and her sister (5th grade) have made. It's easy to just lope along in the faith of your parents when you begin as a baby, but to knowingly and willingly choose a faith at such crucial ages is magnanimous. Sure, her parents are supporting the decision, but there are also family members of other faiths giving differing (not opposing) views. Trusting yourself and your burgeoning faith isn't easy for adults, much less those still being greatly influenced by their school peers.

At Mass this past Sunday, Kayla and I, along with the other RCIA candidates and their sponsors, experienced the first of three Scrutinies. During these Masses, the candidates are presented to the larger Church community so that we may enfold them in prayer.

Kayla and I chatting before Mass starts.  Raise your hand if you're coveting her boots!
Phone pix are from my friend Tim; taken from across the church.  A bit blurry, but still joyous.
(Quick I-Spy: How many Sisters do you see in the background?)

There's a great discussion of the Scrutinies here that I would encourage you to read. I especially like the last paragraph's point that these Masses are also very much intended as lessons and reminders for us, the Catholic community.

"Every time someone joins the Church, it should prompt us to consider whether we are providing encouragement and good example to them. Further, we should pause to remember and to thank God for the good people who taught us the faith, whether they are parents and grandparents, teachers, friends or neighbors. God has worked through them mightily. May he also mightily work through us to share our faith to others!"

We stand as the Prayers of Intersession are spoken for the candidates.
That's Kayla's sister in the gray sweater with her sponsor, awesome Noelle.

The Laying on of Hands.
A silent ritual of calling down the Spirit of Jesus to be with (and within)
the candidate, to guide and protect as she is sent forth into the world.

In 1995, Mr. Neoclassic fully entered the Catholic faith.  Each Lenten and Easter Season, we remember the journey he took, the questions he asked, and the joys he discovered.  This year, I get to experience it again first hand as I watch Kayla make this journey.

Today's post title from Hosea by Gregory Norbet, OSB.  Here's a little bit.

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