Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hard to make a stand

Today the president is visiting our normally bucolic town. I won't go into the politics of the visit because I'd like to keep all 12 of my readers. Our house is along his majesty's motorcade route for today's visit, so there's increased police patrols, random stopping and checking of vehicles, and the ever popular demonstrators on the street corners. Here's the demonstrator nearest our home:

I'm glad to see the threat of thousands of jobs lost hasn't overshadowed his (or hers) desire for humane animal treatment.  Oh, look, I just got political anyway.  The truth is that I applaud his (or hers) willingness to stand in the sprinkling rain for their views - I really do.  I encourage my children to stand up for their beliefs even when it's the unpopular "thing to do".  And, let's not forget the world's best protester - Jesus.

I did, however, decide that my desire to moon the motorcade would not be seen as freedom of speech, but rather as indecent exposure.  I'm staying indoors today.

Today's post title from Sheryl Crow's Hard to Make a Stand.  So true!  I really wanted to quote this song (read through, you'll know why), but I need to keep this place PG.

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  1. I seems I would have the same desire you do if "His majesty's" motorcade were to drive past my house as well. :)


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