Monday, February 25, 2013

Make me a quilt

I wanted to share a smattering of the more traditional type quilts, as well as some more art quilts. After viewing the last post, my good friend Lauren's only comment was, "You know most of the quilts on display are created by much older women. I'm just trying to imagine Granny listening to Purple Rain!"   So true and scary....

I really enjoyed seeing the show's winning quilt. While the combination of greens isn't my favorite, the overall effect and quilting are absolutely stunning:

There are varying shades of green - it's not my photography!

Other favorites of my visit include:

It's a wonderful Log Cabin, but wavy.  The piecing is awesome!

A pinwheel.  The corner matching amazed me!  I'm not that good :)

It almost hurts my eyes to stare at this, but the piecing and color gradation were enthralling. 

A few art quilts for my sister-in-law Karen:

The picket fence detailing was really cool.

I love the hair - the windblown, multi-hued, braided appearance of the hair.

The last quilt I want to share will make my mother's day - it's entirely hand quilted.  This is the center of the queen sized quilt.  I recognize the feathering pattern in the outer circle from one of the quilts my mother made during my childhood.  A whole cloth quilt, the pattern is really all the stitching.

Thanks for visiting this year's show with me.  Karen, you need to put next year's on the calendar and get your hiney down here.  Since there's snow measured in feet where you are right now, you can consider us your mid-winter beach vacation :)

Post title from Cathy Miller.  Check her out on you tube - she's a riot!

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