Friday, February 22, 2013

Red Solo Cup

Yes, my friends, "red solo cup" is a song and it's relevance to today's post will be made clear to y'all very shortly. Yesterday, Jannette and I stormed the quilt show with cash and camera in hand. And by "stormed", I really mean "dodged little old but vocal women on scooters or wheeling luggage carts of purchases." Apparently, this quilt show crowd is a vicious lot.

Our first stop was the awesome vintage button and trims booth. We dug through baskets of brightly colored buttons to find the few that struck our fancy. We offered to become buyers for the shop keeper, but she saw through our guise and knew we'd just walk off with the bling.

Wave Hi! to Jannette :)

As we strolled away with our purchases, avidly chatting about what we'd create with said buttons, Jannette caught a glimpse of a quilt and jokingly said, "Hah! It's raining men."

 Apparently, it was:

It was actually titled "It's Raining Men". Do any of you remember that song from the 80's? I remember the somewhat disconcerting video on MTV! We'd stumbled into a section of quilts that were entered into the Song Lyrics competition. We saw one titled "Greensleeves" with a 3D matador's shirt, complete with green sleeves of course. We saw a black horse nibbling from a cherry tree as a nod toward this song. But here's a pictorial of our favorites - and I use that term loosely....

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!
The stitching and detailing on this one was very well executed.

Purple Rain!
Complete with purple rain beading and puddles.
We were thinking it would be better with Prince and a guitar.

Red Solo Cup!

At this point, we were hiding in the alcove of quilt displays, bent over double, with legs crossed laughing out loud.  Some passing woman looked at us disapprovingly, then glanced at the red cups and gasped, "Oh dear Lord that's hideous!"  Hey, we never said any of them were hideous.  They were just out of our realm of normality for fiber arts - and very very humorous in their presentation. 

I will be back Sunday with a look at some of the more traditional type quilts, as well as a few art quilts for Karen's sake.  A new presser foot jumped into my bag, as did some awesomely sweet fabrics.  I'll have to share the loot later.

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  1. Love, Love, Love the quilts you posted! I will be putting it on the calendar for next year!


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