Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roll away the stone

Irish Jig and I had a sweet friend hanging out with us for two days last week.  His mama needed a little child care help and, happily, I am currently in a position to fill that need.  I remember my days of working (both full and part time) and running into days when extra/ additional care was needed.  I had a friend available to help me then and I like to think I am that friend now.

That said, sweet little James was really a help to me.  With a playmate, Irish Jig was challenged and entertained by someone other than me!  I was able to sew a bit, complete some much needed ironing and tend to necessary chores.  It's what I call a win-win!

I did set aside windows of time to concentrate on the two of them and one of those windows was making Resurrection Rolls.  After reading this post on children's abilities in the kitchen, I stepped back and just directed.  Admittedly, this was really difficult for me to do as I am a control freak and a neat freak.  But they did just fine with their age appropriate tasks.  James measured and mixed the cinnamon sugar "spices" and Irish Jig cut the butter pats and placed the bowl in the microwave.  (I removed it in case it was hot).

We talked about the use of the oils and spices in the preparation of Christ's body for burial.  Then I introduced the marshmallows   I'd forgotten to buy big white ones, so I quickly improvised that the leftover Valentine pink hearts represented Christ's love for us - don't judge me.  They took turns rolling marshmallow hearts and wrapping them in "linen" crescent roll dough.

They did need a little assistance with the wrapping of the marshmallows and the pinching of the open seams.  James slid the pan into the lower oven and they stood at the window to watch.  There was much excitement as the marshmallows melted and made little puddles.  After I pulled the tray from the oven and the rolls cooled a bit, we broke one open and marveled at the empty "Tomb".

We made eight tomb rolls.  After they each sampled one, they surprised me by not asking for a second.  Instead, they decided to save the remaining rolls for James' brother and Jig's siblings.

Luckily, that left an extra for me and an extra for Mr. Neoclassic :)

Today's blog post title from Matt Maher's Resurrection Day

PS - Did you notice the new header?  It's the Shenandoah Valley ripe for a snow storm.  More on that later!

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  1. I bet they had a great time making those. It's on our list for family night refreshments Monday after an Easter lesson geared for the younger set.


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