Thursday, March 21, 2013

My pretty little snowflake

As of yesterday, Spring is officially here. And today, there are snowflakes falling.


Last time I checked, Virginia was considered a Southern State. Hello! Someone forgot to tell the snow that little fact. It's cold, breezy, gray, and we have snow flurries. Of course, there aren't enough flurries to stick and make a beautiful wonderland for playing. There are just enough to make you (ok, me) want to bundle up in front of a fire with popcorn and a really good movie. I might even share the couch with a loved one (or five).

I am still wearing these and Irish Jig is wearing this:

A Rapunzel hat that appeared unexpectedly in the mail - just for her!  You know how much a package with your very own name on it can cause joyful dancing and shrieking?  Apparently, 3 year olds feel that way, too :)  Created by wonderful Aunt Karen (of the quilting fame), the long yellow braids are topped by a pink crown.  Irish Jig loves it and usually wears it with her princess costume dresses.  Today, she's sporting it simply for added warmth.

Thanks so much Karen for the work and the gift of happiness you've sent this way.  This, of course, reminds me that a certain young woman in your home will be 12 next week.  I could use a few suggestions - wink, wink!

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  1. Glad to hear she likes it! She looks adorable with it on. We have had a few flakes of our own up here. The kids had a snow day this week. We got about 8-10" of snow on Tuesday.


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