Monday, March 18, 2013

Everybody clap your hands

Today I want to share the wonderfully warm gloves I've been wearing this winter. I had intended to show them much earlier in the season, but just kept bumping this topic for others. I am finally showing them today because it's mid-March and I am freezing today! The weather is still cold and, with constant rain, just miserable. I've been wearing my wonderful fingerless gloves all day while working around the house.

I found the pattern on Ralvelry and really liked the cuff creation method. It's alternating front and back post half double crochet stitches. This forms a cuff look with a very sturdy base. I didn't make the little thumb portion and I regret it. Maybe on the next pair because there will definitely another pair in a yarn I bought at Purl Soho. This one is colorful and I like it, but I admit to it being a lesser brand. I had never made an item to wear (that needed a good fit) and I didn't want to experiment with really good, pricey yarn.

I kept busy on the train ride to New York City last fall working on these and listening to books. Our public library has a fabulous selection of PlayAway books, which is awesome since I don't own an E-reader.

These gloves fit wonderfully even though one is slightly looser than the other. That's what I get for crocheting on the midnight train!

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