Friday, April 26, 2013

All that glitters is [not] gold

On a lark, I checked the clearance aisle at Walmart and saw a package of Styrofoam balls for about $3.  I decided that I would treat my Girl Scout troop to a little sparkle for their dance this evening.  The girls have been working hard on the Helping Hands Food Drive patch and the only activity left is to hold an actual food drive.   They decided not to just bring food to the next meeting, but to actually involve their peers.  They are hosting a very small dance party this evening for two other troops.  Each participant will donate a few needed food items and we'll supply great fun.  I can't wait to watch 7, 8, and 9 year-olds try to line dance.  Macarena, anyone?

Irish Jig and I soaked up some Vitamin D while sorting for clear sparkle pony beads.  Then she helped me string the balls and beads into a free form disco ball art piece.  That's the term we're using because an 8" diameter Styrofoam ball was $14 and too rich for this frugal troop leader.  But $3 and some glitter?  Oh, yeah.

After I painted the balls with diluted Tacky Glue, she poured silver glitter everywhere - hence the outdoor venue.

I show you this today because I really didn't think you'd want to see the current carnage that is my den.  In my introduction over on the We Are Family page, I mention my sickness for reorganizing cabinets.  I wasn't lying or joking.  I have emptied most of the den storage cabinets (we have a half wall of them) and am sorting, eliminating, and redistributing the contents.

Which leads me to my next quandary...what to do with VHS tapes?  We have a stack of tapes with no machine to play them.  Thoughts?  Comments?

PS - can I get a shout out for finally putting tabs on my header?

Today's post title from Smashmouth's All Star (Shrek)

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