Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snapshot image froze without a sound

Zydeco is currently attending sessions to earn his Photography Merit Badge.  He now understands more about my camera (a Canon SX20 IS) than I do.  This is a good thing because he let me follow him around the yard while he took pictures of the newest Spring blooms to grace our little piece of heaven.  I enjoyed observing his point of view.  He made the iris look huge by taking the photo while aiming upward.  He also shot just the right angle to make it seem as though a tongue was rolling out of the cavernous mouth, gasping for breath.

I requested that he catch a quick shot of dinner (grilled veggie quesadillas, con carne for some) because Mr. Neoclassic did a fabulous improvisation of dish I love to order when dining at the local Mexican restaurant.  We're not letting the fact that we used the panini press to finish off the quesadillas ruin our fiesta evening.  We're just full of contradictions and dichotomy over here.

PS - 3rd Down is a shot of FIGS!  That means more cookies!  Woohoo!

Today's post title from The J. Geils Band Freeze Frame

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  1. I'm not sure the figs will make it to cookies. In fact, once ripe, they may not make it into the house! Nothing like a ripe fig.


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