Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Magic from the very start

Have you heard of the WET BRUSH??  The official website is here.

Oh my friends!  My whole world has taken on new meaning and joy!  Do you remember this post about sweet Irish Jig's curls?  You know, the curls she wouldn't let me touch, so we compromised on headbands?

I recently took her for a trim and watched her excitement as the stylist washed her unruly mop in the "big backward sink".  After sitting her upright and toweling the biggest drips, the stylist whipped out a seemingly mundane everyday brush and proceeded to swipe it through Irish Jig's hair.  Let me emphasize:  the stylist just started at the top and swept that brush right down the length!!!  There was no begging, no wincing, no crying from either Irish Jig or me.

I immediately grabbed the brush and asked a million questions, starting with, "does it inject a tranquilizer when placed directly on the scalp?"  Surely that's the only way my child didn't scream as her curls were tamed.

"Oh this?  It's the Wet Brush?  You definitely need one for this head of hair."

Well, duh!!!!  I would have payed my considerable weight in gold for that plastic gem.  Lucky for me it was about $8.

The good news?  It works!  Really, really, really!  It works easily and effortlessly.  I highly suggest every mama run out and buy/ order one.  I can even brush dry hair easily by first spritzing it a little.  Irish Jig is so willing to let me brush and smooth her hair, we are now able to create sweet styles like this one:

Hairstyle idea from www.cutegirlshairstyles.com

Now for the bad news....this brush smells like cheap plastic and rubber.  The first week we had it in the bathroom, the whole room smelled that way.  Yuck!  

The company isn't compensating me for my review or opinions.  I feel obligated to say that.

Harmony has been restored to the coiffing regime of our household!  My happiness at this might be the sign of mental sickness :)

Today's post title from Shannon's Let the Music Play.  Remember this one?  He won't get away - just keep the groove and then he'll come back to you again!

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