Friday, April 19, 2013

I give up, I give in, you win this time

Dear Mama,

I am so excited to report that I have finally finished the quilt block kits you gifted to me more than a year ago. I made tiny triangles into squares and tried to match corners, deciding that the pre-cut fabric was obviously at fault. It couldn't be me, of course.

I must ask you: Did you know they would be different sizes when you gave them to me? Were you purposefully hoping to drive me crazy, knowing it's not really all that far a trip for me?

While they all came from the same colorway of kits, I am not at all convinced these should even be in a quilt together.  And who's going to make this quilt, anyway?  Surely, not me?  I don't know squat about sandwiching and basting and quilting.

These four are (supposed) to be 12" x 12" each.

Four of these are 6.5" x 6.5" and two are 8" x 8".  Again - supposedly.

Trying to work these into the semblance of a rectangle for a small quilt top has me thinking of those Tangram games I loved as a child.  Except that those puzzles had an actual solution!! 

My very linear engineering mind is overwhelmed.  I admit defeat.  Guess what we will be working on during your next visit?  These will be tucked into the back of the closet until then.

Your loving, anal retentive daughter,

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