Thursday, April 11, 2013

One thing leads to another

Earlier this week, I posted about Jazz dressing as St. Marianne Cope. I thought it would be fun to show you the evolution of her costume. Several years ago, Mr. Neoclassic graduated from William and Mary's School of Business with his MBA. I had the foresight to keep the gown.

(But not the foresight to get a picture from the front, apparently)

Four years ago Zydeco was attending the local parochial school and took part in the annual Hall of Saints celebration of All Saints Day. Each student researched and prepared an essay on the life and virtues of a chosen Saint. He studied and presented St. John Bosco.  I shortened the graduation gown, as well as hemmed up the sleeves.  To complete his costume needs, we added a black turtleneck with a small white felt patch to mimic the clerical collar.

In 2011, Jazz discovered the Harry Potter series. When Halloween rolled around, the costume choice was obvious - Hermione Granger. With a downloaded Gryffindor badge, a whittled wand, and a quick fleece scarf, the robe was morphed into this:

Two years later, we needed a St. Marianne costume. We opted to skip the full wrapped head and just added a white collar and black veil.  In retrospect, I should have added a white belt.  Oops.

The gown and collected accessories are packed away in the costume box.  One never knows when a black robe will come in handy again...

Today's post title from The Fixx's One Thing Leads to Another

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  1. apparently that was my better side.


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