Friday, April 12, 2013

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway

On the last day of Spring Break, I gathered my children and borrowed a sweet pair of girls from a friend so that we could head out on an adventure.  I felt guilty for not really doing anything exciting or having anything planned during the kids' school break.  Secretly, I think they were all happy to just lounge and relax, but one actual "leave the house" excursion was needed by the end of the week because there was a bit too much stir crazy sibling bickering. 

Even though the forecast showed possible showers, wind, and clouds, we grabbed jackets and packed a picnic lunch anyway.  We piled into the van and headed up the Peninsula to the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry.  Once on the ferry, the girls and I unloaded and checked out the entire boat.  We watched the Jamestown Settlement disappear from sight and stood at the very front of the boat and let the wind whip our hair. (You can thank me for not using Whip My Hair by Willow Smith - I do have some tact).  The boys wandered around the viewing deck, then settled in for naps.  Apparently being on vacation is a tiring business.

Once across the river and on the road again, we headed for Chippokes Plantation State Park. This awesome park has an historic area complete with farm animals and farming museum, as well as great trails,  a swimming area, and camping facilities.  We've visited the pool before and it's amazing.  We followed the signs to the historic area in order to wander the museum prior to lunch.  Really just a series of open barns, the museum is so wonderfully kid-friendly.  Even the resident pigs were happily wandering and ready to be petted.  Irish Jig chased one of them so much, he finally trotted over to his pen just to escape her attention.

Each of the younger children took a turn on the corn mill.  The docent was ever so patient with the giggly girls.  While we waited for everyone to complete their turn - literally - Classic Rock moseyed around the museum reading the various placards.  Leave it to my child to find the music reference:

See it up there - Jethro Tull

After a picnic lunch and time on one of the playgrounds, we chose to ride the ferry back across rather than wind our way down the back trails of Surry County.  Why drive when you can feel the wind in your hair and watch the birds?

A simple but very pleasurable day.  I think that sometimes we get into the mindset that fun and exciting must be colorful, bright, and commercial.  It's so renewing to find joy and contentment in the seemingly mundane.  Don't you agree?

Today's post title is Willie Nelson.  Bet you already knew that!


  1. The girls had so much fun. Thanks for including them.

    1. Always! They are just part of the family....


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