Friday, May 10, 2013

Lord, I'm sorry; please forgive me

Dear Lord,

Several weeks ago, I joyously celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This time, our new pastor was present to assist me. You know that I enjoy this opportunity to reflect and pray, and in the past I've celebrated with sweet little Fr. Peter [he's actually little, so it's okay to say that]. Fr. Peter has always made this celebration wonderful by including hugs, wonderful words of encouragement and the direction to always remember that I am Holy and Happy in You. Just direction - that was key.

Celebrating with Fr. John David was also wonderful and I thank you for the experience. Unfortunately, Fr. John David didn't get your most Holy and Important memo about penance [for me] being "a reminder" and not "a task". I left with directions to "BE STILL AND KNOW" several times daily over the next two weeks.

You know me, Lord...when am I ever STILL in order to KNOW? I tried each day to sit. I focused on a cherished cross; I focused on the Pieta statue left to us by my grandmother; and I read the daily assigned Gospel in order to provide a focus point of thought. Inevitably, I found myself nodding off, making a grocery list, mentally reviewing the list of things to do (in it's Excel form, of course), or being interrupted by a small blond creation of your making.

A month into this time of Penitential Zen and I was no closer to finishing up this "task". Until today....

Because today, I spent two hours of Penitential Zen pretending to be a princess Mama. I had to dress the part, including shoes with heels and a princess hat (see blond braided hat above). I was chosen to be the carriage driver for the horse drawn carriage that took us to the ball. That's right - a ball. Where I had to dance - one, two, three, one, two, three - and have light refreshments - which I had to provide as there's no servant here. Oh wait, it's me. A ball that included an art lesson with an attitudinal tutor who didn't appreciate my folk art approach to sketching.

Therefore, due to the aforementioned hours of Zen, I am declaring us even. The whole penance thing is done. Completed. Fulfilled. There will be no more.

I will still read your daily Gospels and discuss them with my children. That keeps me Holy and Happy in You and I like that. As for Reconciliation, though, I think I'll be checking the priest assignments from now on. I'm just sayin'.

Your loving Servant and refreshment provider,

Princess Mama

Today's post title from Tom Booth's/ Jenny Pixler's/ Anothony Kuner's Sacred Silence.  This song is the best bedtime lullaby, by the way.


  1. I'm not even sure what to say. I guess the zen thing is not your thing. Currently trying to imagine you being forced to dress up (wig included). Can't stop laughing.

  2. She is a cute princess!! Glad to hear she got you wearing a wig too.


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