Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm wearing a new dress

While I try to offer variety here on the blog, the sad truth is that Irish Jig spends the most time with me and, thus, is the source of many stories and pictures. That said, I apologize for posting more pictures of her same face.  It's a cute face, for sure, but I'll drum up new stories for the rest of the week.

I excitedly made this sweet jumper as a Christmas gift and, at zero hour on Christmas Eve, busted out the matching doll dress for a doll that I knew would be under the tree. I used Simplicity 2483 for the jumper and a freebie downloaded pattern for the doll dress. The jumper calls for a 12" zipper, which I changed to a 9" during construction.  A 12" length would have put her sitting on the zipper stop and that seemed unreasonably uncomfortable.  I really like the tuck detailing on the front, too. The fabric is a cotton twill from JoAnn's and isn't a designer name. I tend to save the bigger name designer fabrics for my Vintage Collection pieces.  For everyday yogurt drips, mud pies, play doh, and water paints, store brands are just fine :)

Although this jumper was available at Christmas, she refused to wear it until last week.  I'd offer it almost daily, along with one other outfit (she only gets two choices) and she'd never opt to wear it.  I was getting aggravated with the situation and just shoved it to the back of the closet.  Then she found the stash of fabrics waiting for me to make more jumpers and asked about a Mr. Potato Head print.  I told her I wouldn't make another until she wore the first one.  Now, she chooses it each time it's clean.   A Catholic mother's guilt trip is a fierce weapon, my friends.

And, yes, I am planning to cut into Mr. Potato Head soon.

Today's post title from Patti Labelle's New Attitude, which actually would have fit the story, as well :)

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  1. Love the guilt trip, love the dress, love the face. :)


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