Friday, May 17, 2013

With an instant radical change of perception

I'll just keep this week about handmades. I posted about the little girl jumper and now here's a little crochet project.

This bunting started as a pillow front.  Last year, I saw this pillow project with the interesting crochet motif over at Wisecraft and knew I wanted to try it.  I started the motifs, alternating the color patterns and thinking the entire time that I really didn't want to join them.  I liked the motif part but not the joining part - I knew it would be time intensive and I am really an instant gratification kinda gal.  After having this poor, sad, little stack sitting on a shelf for over a year, I decided to just change directions.  Okay, so it's not instant (it took a year) and it's not radical (it's just yarn), but this UB40 song has great lyrics.

The bunting idea came from my Pinterest board of crochet projects to try.  I realized I'd pinned several crochet buntings but had never followed through with the creation part.  [Side note:  I've noticed that most of my pins don't make it to the creation step.  That's why I don't invite you to follow me there.]

Anyway, I had just enough motifs to make a bunting to span the desk area between the girls' closets.  Their room has been a work in progress for about a year if you include the painting, closet overhauls, and bed refinishing.  The desk alcove has wonderful built in shelves that we use to house Baptismal candles, special gifts, glue higher than the reach of a three year old, the baby doll bed set made by Papa, and a whole overflowing village of Littlest Pet Shop junk treasures.  

The yarn used for these motifs is the same yarn used for the sweet mobile I made Irish Jig.  It hangs across the room in front of the windows.  I blogged about this previously, should you want details.

Today's post title from UB40's Instant Radical Change in Perception

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