Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm glad it's your birthday!

It's 3:15 and I am watching the window for Jazz's arrival from school. While I am always excited to see her, today's special because it's her 9th birthday and I really want to see her expression when she finds this ready for her:

This little set up kept me occupied for hours on end as a child. My parents discovered Ginny dolls about the time I turned eight or nine and I was enamored. I'd never liked Barbie dolls, but these dolls, with their properly proportioned bodies and their little rounded tummies sparked a deep love in me. Probably because I, too, have short little legs and a rounded tummy.  I used the carrying case to transport them and their attire to my grandmother's for the weekend. She and I would sew and crochet little outfits for them and then I'd immerse myself in an imaginary world while she watched Friday's episode of Dallas!

Here's Ginny primping at her vanity.  I wonder which perfume she'll choose today?

And here is younger sister Penny, which in the South rhymes with Ginny.
When she awakens, she'll dress in her tennis whites.
See them hanging at the ready back there?

Let's hear it for 1970's fashion! 
Wait till you see the jogging shorts and striped knee socks!

I found two of the crochet dresses - ball gowns actually - that my grandmother made.  They need a bit of cleaning before an internet reveal.  My mother and I had a long conversation about cleaning vintage linens.  I think I have several posts coming with directions and suggestions for cleaning the treasures of your attic!

I must go watch the window for a sweet, freckled 9 year old :)

Today's post title from The Beatles Birthday

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  1. Jenn, the cousinJuly 1, 2013 at 8:23 PM

    After our family visit in Metairie this past Christmas, I brought the Barbie townhouse that Jan and I shared home to Charleston. It is home now to many horses, Momma's old "Skipper" doll, and, on occasion, a cat who likes to grab the elevator string and knock the unit off of its track. Fun, fun, fun!


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