Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ask the beauty of the Earth

As we welcome the slow-to-join-us-this-year Spring weather, we are finding ourselves outside as much as possible to plant new shrubs, tend the burgeoning gardens, and finish a few projects.  St. Francis' venue got a little face lift with the addition of a glider and shrubbery.  Classic Rock and Zydeco finished a fence under the supervision of Mr. Neoclassic.  Jazz and I headed up the weeding brigade by attacking the various little butterfly and flower gardens we've created over the years.

In the beginning, she would weed furiously for ten minutes, then head off to a lovely little shade garden she designated as this year's Fairy Garden.  I had great plans to download ideas and pictures for her, but true to her nature, she charged in and used whatever was handy to form little houses and mini gardens for the fairies.  

During a longer stretch of weeding in a daylily bed, Jazz became frustrated and a bit whiny.  She asked why we can't just leave the weeds and Bermuda grass runners in the garden beds.  I thought about that for a moment then reminded her that, just as in our faith, we really need to take out the yucky, choking weeds so that the beauty of the flowers/ shrubs will be truly visible.  I reminded her about the story in Matthew where John the Baptist reminds the people that Jesus will need the wheat, not the chaff, to succeed in His mission.  She listened and thought about it for a while, then said, "so, it's like looking at the things you've done or said and deciding what was good and what was bad.  If it's bad and not nice, then you try to change it next time.  That's what Jesus wants from us, right?"

That's it exactly it, my sweet freckled girl.  I wish I could always remember to make it that simple.

She lasted with the weeding only only few minutes before running back to the Fairy Garden.  I bet He went with her, too, and rejoiced in her beauty.

Today's post title from Sarah Hart's Restless

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