Wednesday, July 24, 2013

But the show is so unprepared now

I am supposed to be packing clothes and a van of supplies for the big OBLI-cation. It's not going so well because I keep stopping to make the clothes....

Left Top: Simplicity 2483 (again)
Left Bottom: Extra long skirt with lace hem for Jazz (simple elastic waist)
Center: See&Sew B5442 (stupid construction method, FYI)
Right top: Another simple elastic skirt with bias tape hemming
Right bottom: Simplicity 4206 (my go-to nightgown pattern)

The entire time I've been sitting at my machines, Jazz has been at my feet stitching up creations.  I taught her the blanket stitch when Jannette mentioned her girls easily mastered it.  Jazz took off running and completed the sweet doggie in no time flat.

She decided it was so much fun, she raided my wool felt stash and prepped several new shapes for car trip stitching.  I love that!

Thankfully, someone in this house is taking the trip seriously (although I think making sure the peeps have decent clothes is serious).  Classic Rock snagged the trip maps and started researching our dining options for the routes.  He's ensuring we don't get stuck eating McDonald's (a fate worse than death for me) or subs from the gas stations.  He's tracked down the Chipotle's and Panera's, as well as local dining favorites like Johnny's Pizza in Ruston.

What would I do without his need for food????

We'll try to stay in touch and post along the way!

Today's blog post title from Amy Winehouse's Procrastination.  So fitting!

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  1. The dog looks great! Good job Jazz! The clothes are adorable too, btw. Hope you guys have a good time. We will have to get together after you get back.


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