Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Country roads, take me home

While John Denver was singing about West Virginia in his song, I always have those lyrics floating through my mind as we drive into my husband's home town. He was raised in a small Arkansas town surrounded by family. (I have heard that's both a blessing and a curse) Getting to my in-laws' home requires us to drive up the mountain and pass a grandmother, a few aunts, one or two uncles, various cousins, and several head of cattle - much to my children's delight. Once we arrive at their house, we feel transported to another world of nature noises, exciting animals (the deer feed in the garden), and beautiful scenery. It's a relaxing and refreshing visit for us all.

We made sure to spend time with Granny.  She's 88 and still gardens a plot
nearly 150' x 150'.  Her tomatoes were outstanding!

Somebody used her cute curls and sweetest voice to convince everyone to read to her.

We love Grandma's pool. 
 A greenhouse cover extends her swimming season from
April through late October!  So much fun for all of us.

Zydeco was able to finish his Fishing Merit Badge requirements with the help of his Grandpa!
During an early (4 AM) trip, he landed a 17" bass.  He prepped it and cooked it, too.
It was delicious.  Peace out -

We enjoyed our cross country adventure and have more pictures and stories to share.  I will be posting them over the next few weeks.  Classic Rock and I leave tomorrow for the Eastern Shore of Virginia to help serve with our church's Youth Mission Trip.  

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