Thursday, August 15, 2013

Something close to nothing

As Mr. Neoclassic left for work this morning, he reminded the boys to edge and mow the yards. Classic Rock opted to do the edging and Zydeco agreed to take on the mowing. As I made breakfast, Classic Rock headed out in the cooler morning weather to do his part. Zydeco decided to attack his portion later in the day.

When Mr. Neoclassic arrived home from work not long ago, he tracked Zydeco down and inquired about the lawn status.

Mr. Neo (with righteous indignation):

"What, exactly, have you been doing all day since you weren't mowing?"

Zydeco's response (with a smile):

"Something close to nothing, but different than the day before!"

I love a good application of song lyrics!  Part of me was so proud and a (smaller) part of me was appalled at his level of sassy.

But then, he comes by it genetically.  And he did go mow.

Today's post title (and sassy reply) from Prince's Raspberry Beret!

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