Monday, October 14, 2013

My world is a flood

While it's true that we've had six days of nonstop rain, drizzle, clouds and blah gray, my song title reference is for an actual flood - one in the Newport News Shipbuilding Dry Dock...

image courtesy of The Daily Press

And here's the backstory...

16 years ago, Mr. Neoclassic decided to leave the US Navy and design ships - for the US Navy. He was brought into a design group for the then unnamed new class of air craft carrier. I am not allowed to tell you what he designed - and truly, I only understand parts of the many acronyms he uses on a regular basis.

Friday, amid the rain and clouds, the dry dock of the USS FORD was flooded.  In preparation for moving it to another section of the yards, the flood gates were opened after much celebration and picture taking.  Susan Ford Bales, Ford's daughter, was on hand and even signed her name to the hull in honor of her father.

image courtesy of Huntington

The bow of the ship

Mr. Neoclassic has many emotions tied to this ship.  It's been on paper for so long that actually seeing it in metal, painted, and constructed seems surreal.  Knowing it will safely house the 4000 or 5000 crew members and allow them to efficiently complete their missions - and keep us safe - is a huge sense of accomplishment.  And, humorously, we'll see our oldest off to college about the same time we see this ship delivered to the Navy.

After posting a press-release photo to his Facebook page and commenting on the flooding event, Mr. Neoclassic's hilarious and somewhat demented brother put 16 years of work into perspective by asking if the following was the Shipyard's inspiration:

Because we all know that seeing that coming across the ocean will strike fear into the hearts of the most hard core insurgents....

Today's post title from Jars of Clay's Flood.

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