Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh Princess, you make the party

Irish Jig celebrates her birthday toward the end of October. She's been telling me for months that she wants her friends to come play at a costume party. That seemed easy enough to accomplish since they'll all be dressed in costumes on Halloween evening. We decided to invite her two little friends (she has more, but we keep parties for small people very small). After hitting the streets on Halloween evening, they'll stop by for a few games and some cake.

While browsing through the Spooktacular September archives over at eighteen25, I saw an awesome idea for sharing homemade treats with friends. The girls and I spent an afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies (the best ever recipe - will share soon) and prepping treat boxes.

The sweet label is from (via the eighteen25 site).  We used electrical tape to adhere the labels to the boxes.  For the two families invited to Irish Jig's party, I included a small invitation inside the container.  The other boxes were prepped to share with good friends in the area.  The girls and I parked down the street or around the corner from a friend's home and then I let them run up to the house, place the container, knock or ring the doorbell, and RUN back to me.  It was hilarious to watch because adorable Jig doesn't run fast, so there was really no secret.  There was great fun, though and a wonderful memory made.

As for a certain little girl's costume this year...she'd requested a princess dress.  At first, she wanted to wear on of her hand-me-down dresses, which are all Disney characters.  I really didn't want her to go as Cinderella, etc. and spent a few weeks gently persuading/ planting my desires in her little brain.  Oh, please, all mama's do this when necessary.  Finally, she asked for a purple princess dress.  See it over there in the What's Going On block?  It's almost done and perfect for her birthday.

Today's song title from Matt Nathanson's Princess.

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  1. Oh, how fun! I bet the girls loved it and laughed often. And the recipients too!


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