Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll do this my way now

I've always enjoyed creating birthday cakes for my children.  In the early years, I used the Wilton shaped pans for the perfect dinosaur/ teddy bear/ clown.  Then Zydeco announced his desire for a Poison Dart Frog cake.  That one gave me many reasons to pause....

There's no pan for that, just in case you wondered.  Enter my new favorite plan for cake creating - bake rounds or rectangles and grab the large serrated bread knife.  Add a hefty dash of engineering brain and you can create just about anything.  Including a poison dart frog, a baby chick hatching from her egg, an ice cream cone, and a beaker of gooey scientific looking liquid.

When Irish Jig put in her request for a costume party and we decided to piggy back on Halloween's festivities, using a Halloween themed cake seemed like a great idea.  Fun and a little spooky, but not scary for our under 5 set.  A spider?  Yes!  I found an inspiration picture which suggested using scrapbook paper for the legs and round cake layers.  Awesome!

A few days prior to the party, Irish Jig pulled a typical almost 4 year old move and announced that she needed a PRINCESS CAKE!!!  There was much demanding actually.  And maybe even a little sitting on the bottom step for using a nasty tone.  I'm just sayin'

Given my decided lack of Princess Love - I'm an engineer after all, not a princess - I needed a way to make my easy cake idea work with her sparkly needs.

So, I consulted the Queen of All Things Cake.  Check out that rainbow layered cake toward the bottom of her post.  Jannette's consulted on many a cake over the years, from how to shape a dart frog to how to make the perfect black icing (that's harder than you'd think).  Her solution to the Princess cake was inspired - and easy  - thank goodness!

Make a crown shaped cookie and ice it with sparkles.  A PRINCESS SPIDER!!!!

A crowned spider, complete with sparkly purple pearls!

A bit of engineering was still required to lever the large cookie.
It's good to know my stay-at-home brain still gets the occasional work out.

Today's post title from 3 Doors Down My Way

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