Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And we'll make snow angels

Taking one for the team.

Gangnam Style?  Really?

With a little help from my friends

Thanks to Zydeco, we have photographic evidence of our first winter storm.  Classic Rock kindly and selflessly headed up the outdoor playtime.  Irish Jig giggled and shrieked her way through her very first ever snow play day.  Lots of hot chocolate and cookies were consumed.  It's a requirement, I think.

Four days of school were missed and all of Classic Rock's semester exams were cancelled - not that he minded one bit!

Mr. Neoclassic and I were at work, sadly, and missed the fun.  Yes, I did say I was at work.  I started a part time, temporary position just prior to Christmas.  I am spending just a few months helping a friend's company clean up their client data bases in preparation for tax season.  I am really enjoying the opportunity to contribute to our household, but I admit to missing my lazy afternoons with my children.  All will balance out soon enough....

Last night, wave two of the storm - or maybe just another one - hit and dumped more snow.  About 6-8" inches this time and my office is shut down for the day.  The boys reluctantly headed out to shovel the driveway runners for Mr. Neoclassic.  Jazz chose to stay indoors, but Irish Jig was jumping up and down to play in the white stuff.  I dressed her as warmly as possible considering she won't wear pants.  There were many layers of stockings and leggings.  After her first face plant in the deep snow, I accepted the inevitable and dressed myself for snow.

That's me, looking like a lumberjack.  We don't own any type
of snow clothing and our hobbled together look is really quite humorous.
And sad.

Another face plant.

A parade of snow plows.  It's the closest thing to a Mardi Gras parade that we'll get.

After the snow fun, everyone gathered in front of the fire and the usual commentary of boredom began.  "Can we invite a friend over/ I'm bored/ How much tv can we watch today?"  I called my girlfriend Karen and arranged a prisoner swap.  I mean play date.  They live several blocks down the road and are willing to drive in snow, which I am not.  Our youngest three are currently at their home and will be returned in a few hours.  I'll keep their children here while both parents conduct business conference calls.  I do love good friends.

Today's post title from Sarah Hart's Snow Angels - so beautiful and fanciful!

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  1. Send some of that white stuff our way! We need it desperately. The town an hour south of us has ZERO water for the farmers this year. They flood irrigate. Glad ours are all on wells.

    Looks like they had such a great time playing! And yes, hot chocolate and cookies are a must!


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