Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Live a life worthy of your calling

Mr. Neoclassic and I are taking an exciting journey together.  We used our weekly "date night" to join with many other married couples in our church parish to begin a video series all about marriage.  The series is titled Partners on the Journey and is described on its webpage with the following blurb:

Partners on the Journey is a Christian marriage enrichment DVD and study series that combines a Catholic theology of marriage with findings from scientific research, to offer couples both inspiration and practical help. The inspiration comes from the riches of the Catholic faith that give meaning to marriage as a Vocation, a Covenant, and a Sacrament. 

Our first session, held last weekend, included a social hour with discussion questions for each table, a short video presentation, a wonderful witness talk by one of the couples, and a few more in-depth questions.  The evening's topic was Marriage as Vocation - a calling from God with a challenge to respond.  We explored how this Vocation includes a call to Union when we transition from I to We.  A call to Holiness occurs when we, individually, join God's desire for each of us to become self-giving.  Further discussion showed that, through marriage, we experience Wholeness by becoming our most authentic selves with our spouses.  This is the part where we learn marriage isn't all roses and fancy dinners out, but really is that whole "in sickness/ health, for richer/ poorer, for better/ worse" stuff.  (And wasn't that a hard lesson some days!)  Lastly, we looked at marriage as a call to Sharing Life as we welcome children, care for our community, and/ or become vocal in our visions of the world.

The team of couples coordinating this Marriage Enrichment Ministry was quick to point out that this is not a marriage counseling event or a "how to fix a marriage" ministry.  Rather, we are invited to explore the faith teachings supporting marriage, share among other couples, delve into our own relationships, and, most importantly, have a great time together.

We are both looking forward to the remainder of our Journey series and our time together!

Today's blog post title is taken from a very old hymn (from the 70's!) that I remember singing in Mass. I cannot find reference to it anymore, which is sad.  I think the title is There is One Lord, One Faith.  Papa?  Care to chime in on this one?  I know you have the answer!

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