Monday, February 16, 2015

We remember, we celebrate, we believe!

***About that new header picture....I took that photo during our last ice storm. The ravine is close to my office complex and the trees were so beautiful covered in ice. As the winds would blow, sections of the wheat colored grass would just collapse under the ice weight. The moment was both peaceful and eerie.***

Jazz has been assisting me with a huge project for our church.  We are making about 40 poncho style robes for the coming Lent and Easter seasons.   Jazz used the alphabet stitch feature on my machine to create size labels for all of the robes.  I cut the robes and ran the edges through my serger.  The necklines were finished with bias tape for a more sturdy product.  All the white robes are now complete and the purple robes are in the serging phase of the process.  I've offered to let Jazz serge, but I think she's afraid of the machine speed :)

Each year, those choosing to study the faith and enter fully into the Catholic Church participate in the initiation programs such as RCIA or Catholics Come Home.  Our church also has a wonderful program for younger children entering the Church that is geared toward their level of understanding and attentiveness.  These programs culminate at the Easter Vigil Mass when those studying, known as Catechumens, are brought fully into the Church family.  Depending on the size of the Catechumen class, this Mass can be very lengthy - think 4 hours.  The Mass begins very solemnly and transitions into almost a party atmosphere as we celebrate.

During Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter), the Catechumens wear the purple robes to visually remind the entire parish of the importance of the Lenten Season.  They will attend the Vigil Mass wearing these robes and, following the Baptism celebration, will be robed in the white of rebirth and renewal.  Those having been baptized leave the sanctuary to change into dry clothing and return to the worship center donned in white.  As this occurs, our parish family is standing to greet them and usually singing Festival Canticle, a song about the victory of our Lord.  I love the line, we remember, we celebrate, we believe, because the whole Mass calls us to remember the journey of our newest members.  We celebrate with them and we are reminded of the enormity of our belief and our faith.

I am always reminded of a very special Easter Vigil Mass in 1995, when Mr. Neoclassic joined our faith in full communion.  Having already been baptized into a Christian religion, he celebrated the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.  And the proof is in this one Polaroid of the event!

I love his baby face.  And my closed eyes.
(And my early 90's hot pink.)

What will you celebrate this Easter season??

Post title from Festival Canticle by Richard Hillert

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  1. I love the picture of you and Jazz sewing together. And, wow, what a big project to work on! Loved reading all about it.


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