Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman??

In this house, the answer to that question is NO. NO. NO.

This is week two of snow in an area that typically sees about 2" total per year...and those as light dustings, not as a huge dump. This is day 7 of school closings and all my children would rather be in school around their friends and in their normal routines. My office has shut down for three of the days and the main roads were clear enough for me to travel otherwise. Mr. Neoclassic's office uses the liberal leave policy which is really code for we know it's dangerous for folks to travel, but we're not going to actually pay you to stay home. He's taken a few vacation days to sit near the fire, drink hot tea, and read the paper. I'm sewing more purple robes for our church. And trying to keep my toes warm.

Poor St. Francis seems so cold buried in snow back there!

Snowman #1, sidewalk clearing duty

Snowman #2, driveway clearing duty

For the record, I shoveled the first go round of sidewalks during last week's storm.  Mr. Neoclassic is shoveling a path for the dog through the backyard.  Our poodle does not like snow and it's very funny to watch her daintily pick her way across her man made path through the yard.

Family games - check. Family movies - check. School project work - check. Sibling fights - check. Parent tempers - check.

Ah winter - you can officially get the hell out of here.  Except it's too cold to be considered hell.

If a Southern girl suffers single digit temperatures and repeated snowfalls, does she qualify for any sort of advanced LENTEN suffering credits???  I must investigate the possibility.

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